Flynn and Freckles

Flynn and Freckles Do pirate stories ever get old? I’m not sure if they do in the indie gaming world, because we have another one for you. Here is Flynn and Freckles by Rookie Hero Games. This one has actually been out for a while on PS4, but they just released on PC on September 7th this year. So, if you haven’t seen this one yet, it might be time to check it out. Flynn and Freckles is an action adventure 3D platformer that is reminiscent of a lot of 90’s genre games. Play as a pirate, get yourself a sweet sword and jump through to escape the cursed island. Sounds pretty fun, right?

Flynn and Freckles Gameplay

You play as Flynn, a pirate who has set his sights on the ultimate pirate treasure: The sword of Captain Freckles. The good news is that you find this sword, but the bad news is that it’s haunted by the ghost of Captain Freckles. However, as legend told, if you free Freckles from the island, you get some pretty awesome powers. So, now you’re saddled with the ghost as you try to escape the island with your booty intact. You control Flynn in a third person view and move around the island through different jumping puzzles as you fight enemies and uncover more about the curses of the island.

Flynn and Freckles GameplayThis game makes me think of Spyro the Dragon, but with swords and pirates. It has that similar feeling though, with the jump puzzles and the enemies you must attack. But there is also a little bit of exploration and interaction with characters, but not enough to make it remarkable. Freckles, your ethereal friend, ends up being the equivalent of Clippy from circa 90’s Microsoft Word. He gives you a few hints along the way of how to get through levels and new combat moves. He’s not quite as loud and insistent as Navi, but it’s a similar sort of mechanism. This might be nice if you aren’t particularly used to platformer puzzles. So, this is a really great title for novice gamers who maybe missed out on those grounding titles from the 90’s.

Look and Theme

Rookie Hero Games boasted about this updated art style for the 90’s inspired game, but I honestly don’t see it. I compared it to Spyro before, and that comparison doesn’t end when we look at the art style of the game. It looks straight out of the PlayStation era, but in today’s 3D design technology. The character designs are similar to the cartoon style of 90s games giving me some nostalgic feels the whole time I play it.

Where Can I Buy Flynn and Freckles?

Flynn and Freckles is out now and you can buy it on Steam for PC, or on PS4.

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