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Indie Pearls is open and ready to be your new number one source for all things indie gaming.  We will bring you the latest news, games, reviews, previews, and inside interviews with game developers. And most importantly, it is all cultivated by gamers who know what the user experience is really like. We have the best in indie games, highlight what to look out for, and let you know what is coming on the horizon for indie gaming.

Indie Gamer Curators

As gamers ourselves, we know how it is out there in the indie gaming scene. There’s so much content out there, how can one gamer get through it all? The indie games section on Steam is a madhouse. Indie Pearls is your resource for going through that storm because we have been there ourselves. Check out our reviews to previews to be a better consumer, and stop wasting money on games, which will only end up a dusty relic in your library. We let you know about those popular indie game titles you’ve been eyeing since the dev team announced the release date, but we also look through the deluge for that hidden gem, or “pearl” if you will.

Indie Gaming News

Other than consumer awareness, Indie Pearls gives you a look into the industry with dev interviews and news. Our news comes from the community, with a focus on what the industry is working on and how it affects us as gamers. Our coverage has this focus because we are deep within the indie gaming world, a grassroots type of movement itself. Therefore, we will bring up the most relevant and interesting topics buzzing in the indie gaming scene today.

Indie Games Community

Indie Pearls is also a community for gamers. Interact with articles and content and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates. We also come to you, directly in your inbox, with a weekly newsletter, highlighting the best of the week and what is to come.

Indie Games Categories

We cover all popular gaming platforms:

* Desktop games (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux)
* Console games (Xbox One, Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch)
* Mobile games (Android, iOS)
* Browser games

Indie Pearls is your source for all things indie gaming. For interviews, reviews, and the latest in indie gaming news, Indie Pearls has it all. Remember, in the indie gaming scene, it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this, by subscribing today.

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