Santa’s Bouncy Quest: A Christmas mobile game

OverviewChristmas joy in Santa's Bouncy Quest

Buckle up, mobile gamers! I’ve just wrapped up a session with ‘Santa’s Bouncy Quest,’ and, spoiler alert, it’s a bit of a festive charmer. As a fan of arcade and retro games, this one hits the sweet spot for me. Picture this: you’re Santa, equipped with a trampoline and a couple of hyperactive Christmas elves, catching gifts mid-air. It’s got that classic arcade vibe, and the controls are as straightforward as your grandma’s sugar cookie recipe: swipe left, swipe right, bounce, catch, repeat.

Now, onto the visuals – it’s like strolling through a cozy Christmas market. Santa’s doing his thing against a backdrop of festive decoration and cheerful Christmas music. Not groundbreaking, but it sets the mood for some holiday gaming.

Arcade Game MechanicsChristmas gameplay screen of Santa's Bouncy Quest

The game’s mechanics keep you on your toes, or trampoline, in this case. The height and direction of your bounce depends on your trampoline skills, and let me tell you, it’s oddly satisfying to snag those floating gifts. Some tricky variants spice things up – miss one, and Santa takes a hit. The stakes are low, but it adds a dash of spice.

And that’s where ‘Santa’s Bouncy Quest’ takes a merry turn: the gifts. It’s not just your run-of-the-mill presents; we’re talking about a variety of holiday surprises. Regular gifts? Check. But wait, there’s more! Introducing falling gifts – catch these for bonus points, and they add a nice layer of challenge. There are also fragile gifts that, if missed by the elves, cost Santa a life.  Mystery gifts, an interesting type, change into another type randomly, keeping players on their toes. It’s a brilliant move that adds unpredictability to each level.

Across 48 levels, your progress is measured by both score and star ratings, providing a fun way to compare achievements with friends and family.

About the Developer

But what adds the sprinkle of magic? Meet GameDev Mario, the maestro behind the scenes. He whipped up this festive arcade adventure in his downtime, drawing inspiration from his two little Christmas enthusiasts. He even tossed in a toddler mode, dialing down Santa’s speed, just for his little daughter. Now, if that’s not a labor of love, I don’t know what is. The toddler mode eventually found its place in the final version, ensuring the littlest players can play the game at a pace that suits them better.

With a simple, laid-back gameplay style, it won’t flip your gaming world,  but if you fancy some easygoing holiday vibes and a game made with a sprinkle of family love, give ‘Santa’s Bouncy Quest’ a spin. A sweet addition to your mobile gaming lineup, especially if you’re bathing in the Christmas spirit. Finally, if you have (little) kids who love Christmas and games, they will definitely enjoy the game.

Download the GameChristmas game Santa's Bouncy Quest

‘Santa’s Bouncy Quest’ can be found on both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

For the latest updates on the game and potential new projects by the developer, you can also check out the game’s Facebook page or follow GameDev Mario on Facebook and Instagram.

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