Baba Is You

Baba Is You Baba Is You is a mind-boggling yet so simple puzzle game by Hempuli Oy that’ll push you towards your wit’s end. In other words, it takes a sheer test of one’s IQ. One of the rarest of its kind. A game where you can interact with almost all of the surroundings and swapping a specific set of statements can entirely alter the rules of the game. Baba Is You lets you program your way to the triumph through breaking the obstacles and hurdles in your way with interacting with statements provided at each level. The game offers 200 levels to beat. It can get soft and smooth as butter to hard as hell solving these simplistic looking puzzles. After that, let us take an in-depth look at how the game works and looks.

Gameplay of Baba Is You

The puzzle game lets you navigate your way through as Baba, and it is still unclear what Baba is? A strange-looking character which, by the looks of it, seems like…  baa-baa, a sheep? Anyways, if you are looking for a story in the game, there isn’t one. So, basically, you have to be innovative while beating each grueling yet exciting puzzle in the game. Pushing and pulling certain hurdles and combining statements with simple controls. The main objective is to defuse or manipulate impediments like lava, walls, water, etc. to go through them, solving the puzzle and reach the flag. Scenarios can differ as the stages pass to be victorious.

Baba Is YouAre you feeling confused? Of course, puzzles are always meant to confuse, but in this particular level in the screenshot on the left, I’ll explain and simplify how things work in Baba Is You.

This stage assigns three sets of rules in the game. For instance, ‘Baba Is You’, ‘Grass Is Stop’, ‘Flag’ and ‘Win’. If you try to get the flag at this point, you won’t be able to win the puzzle because ‘Flag’ and ‘Win’ require the verb ‘Is’ in between. If you decide to break the statement ‘Baba Is You’, that’ll make Baba immovable, and you would have to restart or undo the move.

Baba Is YouNow in this scenario all you have to do is push ‘Baba Is You’,  ‘Flag’ and ‘Win’ outside the box and make an additional statement like ‘Flag Is Win’ by pushing ‘Flag’ above the ‘Is’ and ‘Win’ below to end the puzzle.

Looks and Theme

Baba Is You looks like nothing more than a simple child’s crayon drawing, but packed with the fun and at the same moment mind-melting puzzles, where a strange character roams around solving puzzles, accompanied by engaging music that’ll keep you engaged solving exciting puzzlements. Besides that, Baba Is You is not a traditional puzzle game because developers made a lot of effort to make it one of the most innovative puzzle games ever.

Where to buy Baba Is You

If you love solving puzzles, then Baba Is You is a must-buy game. It is available to buy for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems available through Steam, Humble Bundle and Nintendo Switch.

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