UventaHere is another creepy one for you horror genre lovers out there. Uventa is a first person horror survival game by Black Rat, and it’s their first release. It just came out last month, so it is perfect for you to start getting your Halloween vibes ready. Navigate the map of an abandoned Soviet era school, and uncover a horrifying story as a ghostly entity stalks and attacks you. And I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Halloween, but this still sounds like the perfect Saturday afternoon with the blinds closed as you binge on fun-size candy.

Plot in Uventa

You play as a night guard in Russia as he enters this abandoned school in disrepair, believing he heard kids inside. He goes in to scare them off but instead of a group of rowdy teenagers, he is met with something that is beyond his scope. It starts out as you make your way into the dining hall, expecting to find some wayward brat. You’re ready to tell them off for being in this obviously dangerous, crumbling building when you find the bloody body of another guard in the kitchen. Soon after your discovery, a large man knocks you out.

Uventa ScreenshotThings seem pretty grim at this point, but you do wake up in a new area of the school. It’s now up to you to escape the place alive, but it’s more than just the living out to get you in Uventa. A Soviet-era entity is also in the school, and it is unhappy. You navigate your way through the ruins of this school, and slowly find out more about its mysterious as you attempt to escape. Relying on the evidence you find and your puzzle solving abilities, you should be able to survive.

Gameplay Mechanics

Uventa reminds me a lot of Outlast with the abandoned decrepit building and the scary big guys trying to kill you. It has some similar mechanics then. You need to rely on stealth to make it through some areas and have the ability to hide when needed. You also must be on the lookout for more clues and pieces to the mystery of the place. Finally, there are small puzzles you need to figure out in order to progress to new areas or to safety. All of these things are done while you’re terrified and trying to survive, which adds to the urgency of the game. It doesn’t have the same night-vision camera function, but you do have a flashlight. And early on there is a hint that the fact your character wears glasses might come into play later on.

Game World Design and Details

This game looks really nice. It has photo realistic assets, along with all of these cool soviet education posters and items throughout the school. The sound likewise is spot on, creating a great creepy atmosphere to explore. Some players have complained about a few bugs here and there, and as annoying as that is in a new game, they have been easily patched out.

Purchasing Options

You can get Uventa for Windows on Steam. It’s a pretty good opening price, but if you want to try before you but, there is also a demo available on the Steam store page.

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