I can’t tell you how many hours I have collectively put into Harvest Moon, Pokemon and Animal Crossing. And this game was inspired by all three, so needless to say, I’m pretty excited about it. It’s Ooblets by Glumberland! This is a farming, small-town life simulator with a collection spin on it. Start a little farm, grow new Ooblets, explore the land around you and train and battle as you go. This game has been well received since they announced it, and now we are just waiting for the release. But let’s take a moment to discuss why exactly you should be super excited about this game like I am.

Farming Ooblets in Oob

We start out in the world of Oob with a rundown farm that desperately needs attention. Your farm is your home base that, much like your character, you can customize and build up. You can collect furniture and items to decorate your farm, but also you can choose what to grow. There are seeds that grow up into blossoms and eventually can be harvested. However, you are not stuck just to your farm. Oob is a whole world with a ton of different towns and communities to explore. You can find lots of new friends to meet, and items to collect. It’s giving me warm happy feelings just thinking about it.

But wait. What exactly is an Ooblet?
Ooblets Gameplay

Good question. An ooblet is a small plant-like creature with a cute face that you grown, nurture, and train. Those seeds you start out with? Yep, those are ooblets. You grow them up into little baby buds, and over time, they can be harvested and added to your collection of battling ooblets you carry with you all over Oob. The battles sound a lot like Pokemon turn-based battles at first, but they have recently changed it to a card-based dance battle. That’s right. Your little followbabies come with sick moves you use to battle with sweet beats. And maybe in battle you’ll find some gleamies or gummies, The vernacular of the world takes a minute to grasp, but after a while it’s a ton of fun. Thank goodness they have a glossary.

Art Style

The world of Oob is very cute, and so are all the characters and the ooblets themselves. There’s a running list of ooblets they’ve been working on, and it seems like there is an opportunity to keep adding new kinds even after release. They all follow the same brightly colored cartoon style that brings sunshine and happiness to my soul.

When Can I Buy It?

This is a huge game with a ton of details, so it makes sense that it has been in development for a while. They kept promising us sometime in 2018, but as the year is quickly coming to a close, the dev team is pretty sure it’s going to be pushed to 2019 now. I know, I’m bummed too. But you can follow them for new updates on Steam or through their website. Hopefully we can look forward to it in a few months! At any rate, they are promising to release for Windows on Steam and also on Xbox One.

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