They Are Billions

They Are BillionsWe have another zombie survival game for you, but don’t be so quick to judge. This one is a little different than what you expect for the genre. It’s actually cool. They Are Billions by Numantian Games is an RTS steampunk zombie survival game where you build up and defend a colony against a giant world of infected. If you like strategy games, you’ll love this one. This game is still an early access title, and the campaign mode is still in development. However, playing now in survival mode is still an exciting adventure because they just keep adding more and more to the game. This is definitely one to keep on your radar and get into the early access gameplay. We don’t have an exact date for the launch of the campaign, but there are constant updates and we know it is coming soon.

Playing the Survival Mode

So, we only have the survival mode to go by on this game right now. But, honestly — that is okay because it is still tons of fun. It’s similar to other RTS games where you have to build up you colony, power it, man it, supply it, and defend it. You start out with a single base, and from there you must manage your resources to build out and explore your map. However, there is a timer on all of this because within a few days, a zombie hoard is going to attack. Will you be able to build yourself up enough to defend against them? That all depends on your strategy and how successful your colony build is.

They Are Billions GameplayZombies wander around the map where you are. You don’t seem to have a limit for how far you can explore, but there are literally billions of infected out there waiting for you, so you have to be careful as your explore out. Sound draws the zombies towards you, and different fighters tend to create more sounds. It’s important to keep all this in mind as you are strategizing your defense.

They Are Billions Enemies

There are different kinds of infected out there that have different powers. The hoard is hard to defeat, but individual zombies will also try to infiltrate your base even outside of attack times. The stray zombies you encounter as you try to uncover more of your map, or the ones who try to get into your base, they are pretty easy to fight off. But there are some that are extremely dangerous. In a recent update, they released a giant zombie that will just mess your stuff up. Your best tactic with that guy? Avoid him like your grandma’s Facebook friend request.

Game Esthetics

They Are Billions has a steampunk vibe complete with the rusty color pallet. The user interface is filled with gears and pipes and rusty figures, but it is easily read and navigated. The artwork and assets have a realistic minimalist style with a Victorian era spin on things. I know that steampunk is a little overdone right now, but I believe that the aesthetic is meant to tie into the campaign story. So, it’s not just a decoration choice.

Where Can I Get It?

You can get the early access title from Steam for Windows. Remember, you can only play the survival mode right now, but if recent updates are any indication, that campaign mode should be announced soon.

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