The Slater

The SlaterI know we haven’t covered a ton of ultra-violent games. It’s not a statement on our part, but more that there haven’t been any good violent pearls out there in the indie world. But we are excited to rectify this with a recent release by Laina Interactive. The Slater is a first person stealth action puzzle game where you play an ex-cop on a vigilante spree, taking down seedy drug dealers as you seek revenge for your father’s murder. So, we got murder. We got a driving narrative. We got weapons for days. There’s the photo realistic graphics. And lots of great combat to itch that violent scratch we all get sometimes. It’s a perfect combination.

The Slater Story

You play as Mark Slater, a former cop who is, let’s say a little disgruntled about his father’s recent murder. There’s this new designer drug on the streets, D-Pain. And all signs show that your father was murdered while he was investigating the trendy new drug. The investigation is going nowhere, and with no signs of justice in sight, you take it into your own hands. Investigate the D-Pain, and track down the people responsible for your father’s death. Then you take them down one by one without detection. It’s a slow vigilante tale that unfolds as you work to avenge your father’s death.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Slater Gameplay

Much like other games in this genre, The Slater focuses on one objective: kill your target. However, you must be able to do it under the scope of absolute stealth. Each kill level then is like a puzzle where you have to figure out the best way to take your target. How do you get into the building? How can you distract the guards? There are tons of moving pieces like this that you must consider before you can go in and blow the target away. Unfortunately, shooting up the place is not an option. You are a single man, and they have a full army of criminals ready to kill you without question. It is up to you how you will reach the target undetected.

The Slater’s Game World

The world in this game is beautifully detailed, but more than that, it is useful. You can utilize the environment around you to complete your objective. Each level of the world has different hiding places and items that can help you reach the target. For example, you can choose to kill a guard, hide their body and wear their uniform. You can also find access codes and keys that will open up new ways to get through the level. There is no one way to approach the level, so the possibilities are completely dependent on your imagination. The game is also pretty well rendered with detailed environments and characters.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can find The Slater on Steam for Windows now. There’s no word on if we’ll see it on other platforms yet, but this is Laina Interactive’s first title. So, hopefully we will see more from them soon.

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