Infliction I’m one of those people who when they watch a scary movie, they have to put their feet up on the couch for fear that monsters or murderous ghosts will grab my ankles from under the furniture and suck me into the abyss. Don’t ask for logic here, this is how I live my life. Infliction has caused me to sit cross-legged, at great discomfort, in my office chair. Infliction is a first person horror adventure from Caustic Reality. It’s coming out in October, but you can play the demo now. And it hits all the spook factors for me when it comes to horror games. I love a good horror game, but full disclosure: jump scares work on me. This one goes further than your typical jump scare silliness, but that’s definitely what got the get-my-feet-off-the-floor-so-monsters-don’t-kill-me reaction out of me. But the feeling kept with me long after the demo session, leaving me thrilled for its upcoming release.

The Story in Infliction

Infliction EnvironmentYou play as a man roaming around a suburban home. It should be a happy home, with a happy family. You see remnants of family photos and obvious signs of a baby in the home, but there’s also the matter of a giant puddle of blood in the middle of the floor. This is obviously not the happy home it should be. As you get deeper into the home, disturbing art on the walls add to the creepy vibe of the home. You go through this home, picking up clues in the form of past voicemails, old journal entries, photos, and letters. As you uncover more, you realize that you are not alone in this house. A supernatural entity makes herself known early on, and if she finds you, there’s not much to save you. Hiding seems to be your best option, but there is a hint that there may be a way to fight back later in the game.

Broken Reality

Another cool part of the game is that while you are running from a scary stalking lady-ghost who wants to murder everything in her path, the environment also gets twisty. There’s an obvious cult-inspired murder element to the game, but also supernatural elements work into the gameplay. In the demo, there is a part where you enter into a mirror world of your environment, and it’s only in this version of reality that you can uncover certain elements and open certain doors. I hope that these elements continue throughout the game.

Game Esthetics

This game has photo-realistic assets. The environment and the items all look fairly real, but depending on the power of your machine, it may not render that well in certain parts of the game. Sometimes items didn’t feel real even though the image wrapping the object was very detailed. It just didn’t have the same weight in the animation or shape that I would expect. But outside of that, the game is very nicely detailed and is realistic looking, which adds to the chilling effect in the murder crime scenes.

When and Where Can You Get Infliction

Infliction is set to come out in next month for Windows, just in time for Halloween. There is no news on an exact date yet, but you will be able to play the demo now on Steam. Let us know what you think about Infliction in the comments section below.

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