Indie Pogo

Indie PogoHave you ever wanted to see a mix of Smash Bros done with indie characters? Look no further as Indie Pogo by Lowe Bros. Studios bounces in the form of a retro-styled platform brawler game. With the ability to fight online or offline, in different modes and with 14 different characters. One unique thing among many, is that all the players constantly bounce and jump off each other during battle. This makes it a more fun and memorable experience. I’ll say right off the bat that I was sceptical about this first. But upon a couple of sessions, I couldn’t do it any other way!

Indie Pogo Gameplay and Controls

As mentioned previously, the game’s jumping mechanism is well implemented, along with the other controls, which aren’t that complicated. The platforms on the levels offer a challenge, and each character has a special method of winning the game with their strengths and weaknesses. For those still worried, there’s a tutorial section before starting the game. Though I assure you, it’s easy to understand. Stylistically as well as seeing all these indie game characters come together, Indie Pogo gives off a large amount of nostalgia. In the words of  the devs themselves: “You’ve seen some fantastic indie cameos in the past, but none can compare to the collaboration of 50+ studios, spread across 15 countries worldwide that Indie Pogo will provide!”.

Indie PogoGame Modes

If online isn’t your thing, there’s also a single player mode. It takes you from an easy difficulty to a more challenging one, giving you more AI characters to fight along with. There’s also a Battle Arcade mode, where you can earn amazing trophies of different characters. Though it’s a bit of a grind by the end to collect all of the trophies, if you’re looking for a completionist run.

What’s more, is that there’s a Discord server in which you can share experiences, invite people to join and play as most are very willing. I have to admit, there aren’t many online games if you’re trying to look for one through the game, so it’s best to either gather your friends or as an alternative ask and play through Discord. All in all, the community may be small for now, but it’s absolutely dedicated. New tricks and combos are still being discovered.

Where can I get it?

Currently it’s available for Windows through Steam. You can also visit Indie Pogo’s website for more info on the devs, and various links. The game is being updated and fixed often and consistently, as well as offering free DLC every now and again.

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