Donut County

Donut CountyYou ever wanted to just throw away the whole world? Donut County might be what you’re looking for then. A recent release from Ben Esposito, Donut County is an action puzzle game where you play as a hole sucking up the garbage in a little town, along with anything else that gets in your way. It’s fun and it’s cute. It brings me back to Katamari days, but instead of rolling everyone into a giant ball, I get to watch them all fall down into a seemingly never ending hole of destruction. Let’s take a deeper look at Donut County.

Gameplay of Donut County

You are a raccoon, one of many, who are playing some kind of app game where a hole pops up in the world. Your objective is to suck up as many items into that hole as possible. As you suck more items into your hole, the hole gets bigger, allowing you to get even bigger items. Eventually, you can down entire buildings and canyons into the depths. You play as BK, an obsessed raccoon. He pulls almost all of his friends down into the hole, destroying their livelihoods and homes. He doesn’t exactly see the problem with this, even after he inadvertently goes down a hole himself and meets his damage. You unravel what happens by playing levels, and eventually, it is up to you to save everyone from the other raccoons threatening to swallow the world.

Donut County GameplayEach level is a puzzle, and things that fall in the hole can do different things. For example, in one early level swallowing corn and fire created an explosion of popcorn. Eventually, you will find ways to use these special abilities to work around the world. You also gain points and in-game currency, which is the main thing BK is interested in. But, with that currency you can buy different power ups and tools that will help you complete levels.

Look and Theme

This game is cute. I mean, there’s an adorable raccoon as one of the main characters, so how can you go wrong? The design of each character and the environment is very nice. However, I especially love the music. It’s calm and makes the whole act of indiscriminate destruction a very zen-filled act. The dialogue and storytelling are also cute, and a little funny with some punny jokes sprinkled throughout. It is a bizarre game and definitely reaching out to anyone who can appreciate absurdity humor.

Should I Buy Donut County?

It’s a cute game, and it is a bunch of fun to play casually. But honestly, the story lasts maybe two hours and there doesn’t feel like a lot of room for replay. And while I love a lot about this game, that price just feels a little too steep to sink into a two-hour game. I’d look out for it when it’s on sale. You can play Donut County on Windows and Mac through Steam and GOG, and also on PS4 and iOS.

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