Don’t Sink

Don't SinkI’m bringing another cute one to you today. It’s Don’t Sink by Studio Eris. This casual 8-bit RPG type game takes you on a quest as a captain of a pirate ship. You sail the seas and visit different islands, which all have their own sets of characters, trade, and issues that you need to work with. It’s super fun, and a little addictive for anyone who has a thing for these kinds of RPG types. I might be a little bit biased because of the like 2 million clocked house I put in on games like Legend of Zelda and Harvest Moon.  While it was originally released back in April, Don’t Sink has just hit the Xbox One catalog as of August 25th.

Don’t Sink Gameplay

Have you ever been playing Faster than Light, and thought to yourself, “Man, I wish this was island pirates and a sea ship.” If so, I have a hunch you’ll like this game. Don’t Sink puts you into the captain seat of a ship out at sea. You have to visit other islands and build up your sweet pirate cred by conquering them. But you also have to manage your crew, make sure no one dies of scurvy, and that you have enough resources on your ship. However, you are not just responsible for your crew. You also become responsible for the islands you conquer and must govern them before they get out of hand. It’s a fun little puzzle of resource management.

Don't Sink BattleBut alongside all that resource management fun you also have real battle. You must fight to conquer your lands, but probably more expected is the fights at sea. You can use your crew to defeat enemy pirates as you traverse the seas on your way to new islands. They will come at you hard and while you are trying to destroy them, you’re other man objective is: Don’t Sink. Hence the name of the game. Keep your crew in good shape while you keep your ship afloat and you’ll be able to upgrade to new and better weapons and vessels.

Look and Theme

It’s another 8-bit game, and I know that indie games have had a huge flux of these kinds of games in recent years. But honestly, I like this one. There’s this beautiful pallet of bright blues, greens, and yellows that just make me happy. The open sea views are stunning, especially for the pixel art platform. The ships are grand and beautiful, and the towns on the islands are adorable. It told you this was another cute one, and I wasn’t lying. Don’t Sink is picturesque, which makes it that much better to play.

Should I Buy Don’t Sink?

Do you love RPG type games? Do you enjoy a mix of resource management and battle? Pirates? If so, then you’ll probably get a lot out of this game. The dev team is constantly improving and releasing updates. And the Xbox One version plays almost just as seamlessly as the Steam versions. You can pick up a copy of Don’t Sink on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux, or on the Xbox One catalog.

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