Mist Survival

Mist Survival We got another Zombie Survival for you zombie fans out there. The indie gaming sphere has had a lot of iterations of zombie survival over the last several years, but not many of them have been very successful. Mist Survival is looking like it might change that. This PvE survival game by Rati Wattanakornprasit is a lot of fun. Defeat zombies, find shelter and survive as you attempt to outlive the viral zombie infection taking over the world. It sounds familiar, but this time it is new and way better put together than some of the other games like this.

Gameplay in Mist Survival

It’s a sandbox game, so what you do is really up to you. You have a few objectives though. Don’t get torn apart by zombie hordes. Find shelter. Don’t starve to death. Your basic survival needs in a zombie apocalypse. However, there are added components such as the environment, wildlife, and weather. Zombies stay at dark areas and only come out at night, leaving the day for base building and resource gathering. But periodically, a dense fog will come into play. You can’t see through the fog, and it blocks out the sunlight. You may get caught by some infected, or enraged animals, or bandits.

You can build a base, but staying in place for too long is not an option. Food is scarce, and enemies outside of the infected are numerous. So, going out in the daytime is a must. And you must contend with the mist to survive.

Mist Survival There is some combat, and you are able to craft and collect weapons. Shooting is, of course, necessary when fighting off zombies. But you may also need to protect yourself from other animals. A major gameplay dynamic is resource management then. You have to collect and keep a lot of food. You must find a water source. You also can craft a ton of items to help you survive. So, searching and collecting these items, then making sure they last through the night is important.


Mist Survival is primarily a multiplayer game, where you play with others on a map. All players are survivors. You can choose to team up or destroy one another. Players have camps they can join to team up together. Camps can share resources and help each other survive. And while you can choose to try to do this whole survival thing alone, it’s probably going to be a short game for you. Teaming up is somewhat necessary, but the game makes it easy to do.

When Will It Be Complete?

We don’t have a set release date for the finished game. However, it is available now as an early access game. Beware though, the game is a little buggy at this stage. The dev team for it is small, but they are working hard on it. Since its release in August, it has already undergone four updates, and it looks like they’re coming along with it nicely. Check out the early access game on Steam for Windows.

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