BoundlessMMOs are an interesting breed of games. I feel like we all have a background with them, and to be honest, they are extremely difficult to get right. Boundless by Wonderstruck is a new MMO that came out this fall. It seems to be one of the few attempts that really hits a great balance. It doesn’t feel like your average quest grinding digs. Instead, this game focuses a ton on world building, economy, and exploration. There are whole worlds to explore in Boundless, and that really expresses the limits of this sandbox game. It’s boundless.

Gameplay in Boundless

You play as an alien creature yourself, and your main objective is to explore worlds. There’s a lot you can do on any given world. You can build, hunt, craft, and fight. The different options make cooperative play super easy. But there are also things you can do alone. Connecting with friends does make the gameplay that much more fun though because you are able to work together to build whole worlds. There is literal building to be done, but also there’s a whole economy that needs to be created. You can collect and trade gear, items, and other things to amass wealth. The more wealth you attain, the better your world, and the citizens within, can become.

Building can be done on both small and large scale developments. It’s reminiscent of Minecraft, which may be because the game has that sort of blocky look to it. You can build in similar ways with giant castles or small little cabins. The choice is yours. Some people go out with huge fortresses and work with their groups of friends to make giant working cities.

The Many Worlds in Boundless


You explore an entire universe in this game, and every world is unique and interesting. You’re able to collect worlds, claim land, and eventually build portals. Expansion in this game is limitless then, allowing you to create communities that reach in multiple worlds across this universe. Claiming land allows you to build on it, and then it’s important to protect your land, defend your people, and protect your wealth.

Heading to War

You may be wondering exactly who you need to protect your multi-universal lands from. As with all good MMO games, there is a constant presence of a villain. In Boundless, it is the Protectors. They are the ancient guards that were created to protect the worlds by the ancient creators, the Oorts. Even though they are gone now, the Protectors are still there and they see you as an immediate threat. They fight with you and will go into full out war riding on giant titans. This feature is still in development but should be released soon.

Buying the game.

Boundless is in early access right now, but you can purchase it on Steam for PC and Mac, or it’s available on PS4. Keep your eye on the Devlog though, because things will be coming out as time goes on with this one, and we are excited to see where they take it.

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