Battle of Kings

Wenkly StudioBattle of Kings brings us Battle of Kings, which is currently an early access title available on Steam. This is a tower defense and strategy game that pushes players to defend their kingdom in a multifaceted strategy. Protect your kingdom as you are attacked on all sides. This game allows for multiplayer, both local and online, or you can battle single-player against the CPU. However you choose to play, it is up to you to defend your kingdom. However, protecting your fortifications alone won’t lead to victory in this Battle of Kings.


Battle of Kings has an interesting gameplay. I really like tower defense games. I love strategy, and anything where I have to use resource management, so I felt like this game was going to be right up my alley. However, if you’ve played one tower defense, it’s hard to find one that is going to do it any different or better than what you’ve already played. Battle of Kings tries to hit it differently by making your strategy cover far more than just protecting the kingdom. Instead, the focus of the game moves to cover building up your army and economy. I’m just not sure if it succeeds in creating an experience that is any different than other tower defense type games even with the understanding that the main goal isn’t just to protect the tower. That sounds similarly to a lot of different tower defense games.

You can play this game a few different ways. First, there’s the classic single player against a CPU. Next is a local multiplayer to play with friends, or you can also take the battle online with the online PvP multiplayer mode. There is a classic tower defense scenario in the campaign mode as well, which is different than the battle mode, because it doesn’t include the extra goals of economy and army building or attacking your opponent. It feels like every other tower defense game up until this battle mode comes to you in level four. Once you get here, the game changes, and you find the balance of playing both offense and defense.

Virtual Reality

Battle of Kings Virtual Reality

One thing this game has that maybe other tower defense games don’t is that this one has a VR version available for those of us with an Oculus Rift, an HTC Vibe, or Windows Mixed Reality. To be honest, the VR aspect of this game made me the most interested in the title. I haven’t seen a ton of titles hitting tower defense in VR very successfully. I found myself if VR would lend to this kind of game style. The worlds are immersive in VR, and the game itself is just that much more fun using the VR version.

Should I Get Battle of Kings?

Battle of Kings is still in early access on steam, so it’s hard to really put a final thought on it. It might push itself to be something really unique in the tower defense arena. There are some interesting little gems in this game, like the battle mode and also the VR component. If you’re like me, and love a good strategy game, check it out today on Steam.

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